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Buy Instagram Impressions

When it comes to social media for business there are several options that you have at your beck and call. But if you are considering one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there, then Instagram just cannot be beaten.

Bought by Facebook, Instagram has a huge audience 90% of whom log onto the social media platform on a daily basis. This means that if you get your game right, you could tap into a vast market with varied demographics all in one place.

What Is An Impression On Instagram?

Instagram has been a marketing powerhouse in recent times and like a proper business tool Instagram lets you track several user statistics one of which is how many times the content you put up gets displayed regardless of the fact if it was clicked or not. This number is called impressions. This metric can help business narrow down potential clients to build up a more conversion-oriented demographic.

What Is The Reach On Instagram?

Another metric on Instagram is how many times your post has been seen by unique accounts on Instagram. The number of views are called reach. As you can imagine, this is a powerful tool that can help you estimate how well your brand is doing with your target audience.

What Is The Difference Between Impressions And Reach?

There are distinct differences between both metrics – enough to warrant equal importance to both numbers. An impression basically tells you if the content has been delivered to a user’s feed. A user can have multiple impressions of the same piece of content.

Contrast that to reach where a user needs to have a basic interaction with the piece of content for it to count. This is not to say one is more important than the other – both are equally important when considering a business move.

How Popular Is Instagram?

Instagram has been a revelation for businesses. It has grown rapidly from strength to strength and it has about 800 million followers in 2017. This means that you have a potential customer base of close to a billion pairs of eyes all vying for your attention.

Over 70% of all brands are using Instagram as a powerful tool to build their online brand reputation and it only shows signs of increasing further. As an advertising platform, Instagram has about 2 million advertisers which is an increase of about 80% from last year.

Instagram generates about $1.5 billion in mobile advertising sales and is expected to breach $5 billion this year, 2018. So what makes Instagram a popular choice for brands and advertisers?

Why Instagram Is The Preferred Choice Of Brands?

Instagram has a lot of features and tracking tools that can be used to leverage your business to compete against the big brands in the niche. To do well on Instagram you need to have a lot of followers, views, and impressions. These factors can establish your brand’s credentials to your audience.

Specifically, Instagram impressions offer a huge increase in brand reputation and also offer the advantage of giving your brand increased reach as well. When you supplement your Instagram impression count, there are more chances of your website being clicked which in turn means more conversions for your website.

How Can Instagram Impressions Increase Your Revenue?

When it comes to this platform, Instagram impressions are an important metric that you cannot overlook. When you have a lot of impressions on Instagram, it means that your brand has a lot of reach which means that your brand is popular and will get more people clicking.

If you are looking for ways to increase your brand’s Instagram reach and impressions, then you’ve come to the right place. WowFollowers can give you the boost in brand popularity that you need at a cost that is not too high.

When you buy Instagram impressions and reach from us, you can be assured that you are getting it from authentic sources which will not be banned by Instagram. You can have these delivered to you as and when you want it without any delay. While most brands do not go through the trouble of giving you the best Instagram impressions from authentic followers, wowfollowers have real Instagram impression accounts which means that there is very little chance of your impression count being bogus.

When you look at most big brands, they have a huge number of impressions on their account which is the reason they’re able to attract the fan following they do. So don’t wait around twiddling your thumbs – order from Instagram impressions and increase your reach from wowfollowers, you will not regret it!


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